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Sri Lanka is, quite simply, amazeballs

When I started telling people we were going to Sri Lanka for a family holiday, anyone who’d been had a twinkle in their eyes as they told me how much I was going to love it. And they were right. I loved it. I bloody loved it. We all did.

I am now a firmly committed, twinkly-eyed Sri Lankan passionista! Steve and the boys are too.
How could we not be? It is a magnificent country and I can’t wait to celebrate the next big birthday with my pals on 1st January 2020. Start saving!
Sri Lanka is a country emerging from civil war and it’s now enjoying close to 10 years of peace. I took the impression that today, it’s a place of hope and growing prosperity. I loved being in a place that felt like this when the whole world seems to be going off its rocker.
A predominantly Buddhist culture, it’s a very spiritual place. You feel it at the core of society, and it’s a gentle spirituality. This isn’t something I’ve found to be common around the world.
Equally, the environment is central to its culture a…

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