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I think we need to talk about airport customer experience

You know one of the best things about living in Singapore? It’s world-class airport – Changi Airport. It’s a beautiful, modern airport, with amazing facilities, but the best thing is check in. From the point of drop off to wandering around Changi before departure, it’s about a 20-minute experience. When landing back in Singapore, from the wheels hitting the tarmac to being in a taxi on the way home, it’s 30 minutes.
Changi has won best airport of the year for multiple years and it deserves it. It’s amazing. It makes travelling a pleasure and it should be the gold standard for airports all over the world.
I compare this to the experience I had in Mumbai last night.

Flying out of its brand spanking new terminal for the A380, I have never seen such a bigger shit storm at an airport – and let me assure you, I’ve seen some airport shit storms!

First it was ticketing – I did the online check-in (well Steve did it for me) so that went smoothly. Good.
Next up was x-ray screening, and for the fi…

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