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Should I dare say it out loud? I think the boys are content in Phuket

If I am honest, in hindsight, I would say the first three months in Phuket were completely shit. We turned up exhausted (like we’ve never known), and apart from Freddy (the dog) being ecstatic, it was a pretty sombre affair.

Even Riddick, the cat, seemed uncomfortable and unhappy in her new home. To this day, our scaredy cat is tentative about leaving the house! On the other hand, Xena, the Ragdoll, gives about as many fucks with all of this as she does with everything else in life. ZERO!
The first three months involved lots of running around. Getting lost. Working out where to buy things. Working out what could no longer be bought. Fighting off the hordes of during the Christmas/NY frenzy!! Setting up bank accounts, phones, etc… when you don’t speak the local language. Dealing with immigration and visas. The boys adjusting to new schools. Jax missing his BFF. Steve and I travelling. Steve away for a MONTH before Christmas. Many many problems with the house that took AGES to get fixed…

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