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A month in Phuket, Thailand, in photos

It’s been a month since we moved to Phuket and I decided I would post a photo or video a day – to capture what I’m seeing. I plan to keep going, because it keeps me paying attention and living in the moment, but equally, I am blown away daily by differences.
The pics/videos are getting great interaction on Instagram and Twitter, but with Facebook’s pay-to-play model, not as much there. I’ll keep doing it anyway, because the world is an amazing place, and I love sharing my love for our global community. 
So here you go, a selection of the month so far. We’re here physically, but we’re not here in our hearts yet. We know it will come, and we are patient, but think life will be a duality for a while…
My first #photoaday, a truck full of Styrofoam This is something in excessive use here and I have decided I’m going to join (or start) the battle to get it stopped.

The greatest angst of the move to Phuket - missing out on Halloween!  My word the pressure was on and thankfully, we had a trick or t…

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